Shrink Nylon

Definition of Shrink nylon

Shrink nylon is now extensively used around the world to wrap the products, which makes packaging and wrapping more elegant, clean and durable. Shrink nylon is produced in single or double layer. It is one of the most extensively used and effective products in the field of wrapping and protection of shrink nylon products. These nylons are utilized for wrapping, shaping, and insulating the product against moisture, arranging and ordering them, and organizing them for sending and transporting with impact resistance/shock absorber, penetration of sunlight and moisture and dust and air pollution and… which is wrapped in a sheet on the goods and it finds its firmly initial form by applying a certain temperature under the packaging machine and rapid cooling. These nylons are a polymer made of polyethylene called LDPEL. Shrink nylons can also be dyed and can be dyed according to the customer’s demand, and this is one of the causes for the expanding popularity of shrink-wrapping nylons. Its features include its coating and insulation because it stops dust reaching the product and causes it to be preserved and causes no dust to cover it.

How to maintain shrink nylon:

Its rolls must be stored horizontally to stop deformation. As much as possible, it should be maintained in a roofed place so that direct sunlight does not shine on it to block light damage.


  1. Food Industries
  2. Securite glass
  3. Bricks
  4. Glass wool
  5. Construction industries
  6. Auto Parts
  7. Home industries