Polyethylene stretch film (CPE)

What is a stretch-film (pallet-band stretch)?

What is its application and what points should we consider at the time of purchasing? I guess you heard the words stretch film pallet or stretch pallet band when you were present at the wrapping the products in the factory, or even if this guess is wrong, you have seen stretch pallet strap /band 100% at the time of buying a pack of soda or mineral water. In this paper, we want to explain to you what stretch film is, what are its features, what are types of pallet band stretch, and which type is beneficial for your product.

Stretch film (Pallet band stretch) is a nylon-shaped product with a smooth, transparent surface and high tensile and adhesion, which provides an extended range of features necessary for users to wrap the product. Pallets are provided in different sizes according to customer’s needs, but consider that fixed pallet stretch machines have limitations in this respect. Most pallet strap/bands support in pallets with a length and width of one meter to one meter and forty centimeters. You can apply other stretch pallets for larger sizes, such as the Atlanta Portable Stretch Pallet.

Stretch film nylon (pallet strap/band stretch)

You may have noticed the factory goods that have been wrapped and packed on a wooden base with a strong plastic. Its name is the wooden base of the pallet and the name of the thick nylon around is stretch film. These nylons are made of polyethylene and are employed for wrapping a variety of products in various industries, including food, automotive industries, home appliances, computers, accessories, and…

The product is customarily tied together with thick nylon and the whole product is tied to a pallet so that the product does not have damage during transportation or does not move from where it has been installed. Stretching of products is done manually and automatically. The stretch pallet machine is purchased according to the size and method of transporting the goods.


Pallet weight:

Weight is continuously one of the most influential criteria in wrapping and causes limitations during work and packaging and wrapping.

Most stretch pallets can endure weights of 1 to 1.5 tons, but this limitation does not true to portable stretch pallet machines. The reason is very obvious because the pallet is placed on the floor and does not weigh on the machine.

What points should be recognized to purchase a stretch pallet film?

Types of stretch film and their applications

Tehran Poly Pars Company provides its stretch film nylons in two types of three-layer and five-layer with thickness from 20 microns to 50 microns and width from 5 cm to 150 cm, simple or colored, sunproof, and static. If you want to recognize which type you should order for your factory product, be with us. The elasticity of color and thickness of nylon are effective to select it.

Stretch film features:

1-Film width

The width of our stretch films is from 5 cm to 10 cm that you can choose the desired width according to the height of your product.

2-Film thickness

The thickness of the stretch films is from 20 to 50 microns, which you can use different thicknesses according to the weight of the products. If you know the weight of your product, the following table below will be a good guide to select the desired thickness.