Polyethylene film stretch

Film stretch is usually utilized for multilayer polyethylene elastic films, which are made applying film extrusion technology called “CAST”. The film means that a thin layer of these materials has a precise consistency and high flexibility.



Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is the base material to provide film stretch. Our films have very high quality due to the most modernized production lines and the most advanced technology, as well as applying raw materials provided by well-known manufacturers. An extended range of polyethylene films are prepared from low density Polyethylene metallocene resins) m- LLDPE), Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and ultra-low-density polyethylene (ULDPE) containing 0 and 8% polyisobutylene (PIB).


Stretch wrap/ film is used originally for wrapping and protecting loads packed on pallets to individual items with large overall dimensions, applying the stretch film is the most efficient method to pack and wrap the products due to its low thickness and high durability that guarantees load stability.

Stretch film/wrap Super Power and Power

The produced film thickness has been designed from 10 to 35 micrometers for wrapping and protecting the products utilizing packaging machines. Standard film width: 500 mm, it is achievable to produce another width film in multiplications of 250 mm.



What is a stretch film?

Stretch film is a thin, extensile plastic film (normally made of polyethylene) that is used to lock and bind protective items on pallets. As the stretch film is wrapped around the pallet, tension is created and enables the film to increase its length by up to 300 times. This tension then creates a contractile force around the load and keeps it constant in its place.

Types of stretch films

There are two main types of stretch film: manual stretch film and machine stretch film.

  1. Manual stretch film

The manual stretch film has been specifically designed for manual use and is therefore usually used in low volume in packaging and wrapping operations. It has been considered for manual packaging. The thickness of the produced film is from 10 to 40 micrometers and the width is 450 mm or 500 mm, tensile 100% has been guaranteed. The film has been produced on automatic machines that are equipped with facilities that control both the length and weight of the film on the roll.

  1. Machine stretch film

Machine stretch film is a film that has been specifically designed for use in traction wrapping machines and is usually used in large volume packaging and wrapping operations. Some common types of stretch film machines include:

Blown Stretch Film- It is made using the blown extrusion process. This process includes blowing heated resins into the bubble. The bubble then turns into sheets that are rolled and applied to a core tube.

Cast Stretch Film– It is made using the extrusion process. This process includes feeding the heated resins through a line of cooled rollers, which then solidifies the film.

Pre-Stretched film- It is a film that has already been extended in the production stages.



What kind of equipment is applied to use stretch materials?

Turntable stretch torsions

Stretch wrappers utilize a motorized rotating platform to rotate the pallets in their place and are a good solution for wrapping operations with medium or low-size, which involve wrapping 20 to 40 products per day. It can be in automatic or semi-automatic formats.

Rotary arm stretch wrapper

The mechanical arm is used in rotary arm wrapping that rotates around the load. They are remarkably useful in wrapping very heavy or light loads that can cause instability. Rotary arm stretch wrapper can be in automatic and semi-automatic forms and is proper for wrapping operations 40 times per hour.

Orbital horizontal ring stretchy wrappings

Orbital horizontal ring stretchy wrappers use a vertical rotary ring to wrap protective goods inside it and are noted to wrap long and wide loads such as lumber, doors, windows, plumbing, textiles, and other cases.

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