Bubble wrap nylon

What is Bubble Wrap Nylon?

Bubble nylon is a type of transparent and shock absorber nylon and because it has been made of air bubbles on the surface, these nylons also have good impact strength. It is used to wrap and store breakable goods. Bubble nylon can be applied as an excellent shock absorber to reduce the damages caused by transport and moving. The strength rate of this type of nylon depends on the size of its bubbles. Nylons with finer bubbles are applied for more delicate goods and those with high sensitivity. Nylons with larger bubbles are utilized to protect larger and breakable goods.



Bubble nylon is available in two-layer and three-layer types and in 5 bubble sizes of 5-10-15-20-25 mm in a variety of widths from 10 to 200 cm in the form of rolls and bags.

Types of bubble wrap nylons:

Three-layer nylon with large bubbles

This type of bubble nylon has a better efficiency due to the fact that it has one more layer of double-layer and will increase the resistance of bubbles on the surface of nylon. This is the best product to wrap larger goods.

Three-layer nylon with fine bubbles

This type of product has good performance and efficiency compared to double-layer nylons due to having fine bubbles and an additional layer on its surface. The third layer prevents the bubbles of the nylon surface from rupturing under pressure.

Two-layer nylon with large bubbles

This type of nylon has a better performance and efficiency to protect the product when moving and transporting breakable goods due to having larger diameter and bubbles compared to small bubbles. Bubble nylons are extensively used for moving the home furniture and all home furniture and items are packed and wrapped with bubble nylon.

Additionally, porcelain and breakable items at houses and offices become impact-resistant and shock absorber, which is very proper for this plan. Bubble nylons have good impact and shock strength due to having an air shock absorber on their surfaces. All rolls produced in bubble nylon without thick edge are next to the roll (taken edge.) Bubble Nylon_ bubble 10 from width 15 to 250 cm is available.