Binder band

Applications of Binder Tape/band

Binder band is used for wires and cables. The binder band is proper for shielding in the cable, is suitable as a collector of cable components (binder), and also suitable as a substrate and separator of components.

What are the applications of the binder band?

It can be employed in all types of medium and high voltage power cables. It can replace paper tape but has higher tensile strength and lower elongation. It is very proper for separating layers. It is very proper for creating a foundation.

Binder band features: This product is non-conductive. A non-woven fabric made of polyester fibers

Binder band features:

*It can be provided in cut form, with the desired width.

* It can be provided as a roll with desired width and length.

* It can be provided with an outer diameter between 700 to 1500 mm. It can be provided with desired inner diameter.

Wrapping and packing:

Each roll is inside nylon and inside the cartoon is on the pallet.